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ComeBack B2ST
2011/05/23 @ 07:26 | 0 Comment [s]

hello hello...
ary nie ak nk cter psal b2st..knal ark??
lau xknl wt2 knl je lh...yg kenal n mint kt group nie..
jom tgok video at bwh nier...nie lgu bru
tarian dye pling gempak...

Nie lh mke2 kumpuln b2st..encem2 belaka..spe yg xknl..
nie lh group b2st..yg aku ckp nie dry korea...
xkn xtaw..skunk nie group2 at korea dh
mletop at malaysia..n mybe bln 7 nie dowg dtg malysia...
spe2 yg nk dtg n nk tgok dowg..dtg lh at sunway lagoon..
n bli lh mhl..spe yg nk tahu lbih
lnjut tntg group b2st nie KLIK DI SINI..bkn ade tntg group
b2st jer..ade mcm2 group at korea at at link uh...

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