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Hangout with frenz...
2011/05/28 @ 22:48 | 2 Comment [s]

post nie aku mau story about hangout with frenz
ak hangout ngn frenz gler...
ktaowg kluar KL ..ktaowg shoping at TIME SQUARE...
mmg gempak ar..coz ktaowg first time dpt kluar sme2 g t.s
ngn bli mcm2 conthnyer rntai,bju,
slendg,n dll...ktaowg bli bju sme n rntai sme..
dh nme pown BFF...lpas shoping ktaowg gi mkn Mc Doland at
knyg gler2..lpas 2 ktaowg gi maen at T.S..frenz aku yg sowg nie
ungtunglh date ngn bf dye..sweet lh gak coz dye dpt cincin.
tp ktaowg xjeles pown...coz xbrape mnat sgt ngn bf dye..
sombong gler lh...

lpas dh shoping n dh bli smua brg2 yg putut..ktaowg rest lh kt bangku
at t.s 2..tngah2 rest n borak..tbe2 de owg mmat nie tgor ktaowg..
ktaowg ingtkn nk cari gado..rpenyer mau brkenalan...
mamat nie mmg sporting gler wlaupown bru jer 15 minit knal..
ktaowg pown open jer lh borak2 ngn mamat uh...
coz mse 2 ktaowg ngah bosan...ktaowg just mnta fb jer..
klau bgi no. nnty owg kta ktowg gedix..lps dh borak ktaowg chau dlu....
ktaowg balek dlm pkol 8.00..oke lah..dh pnat aku story at kowg..
aku chau dlu yek..bubye..^__^

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