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tagged by them :D
2011/10/27 @ 02:02 | 0 Comment [s]

hye my sunshine sekalian !..:D..
Okayy,ari nie ieka nak jawab soalan dari my follower yang comel iaitu H a r i z a t u l I z z a y u ..
comel kan dye??hehe..:)
sorry taw eriez coz late answer ur question...
okayy,,,jom start !

        The Rules are :
 # Each person must post eleven things about themselves
     in their journal .
# Answer the question the tagger set for you in theirpost and
    create eleven new question for the people you were tagged 
    to answer
# You have to choose eleven people to tag and link them to the post
# Go to their page andtell them you have beentagged him/her .
# No tag backs
# No stuff in tagging section about 'You are tagged if you reading
    this' you legitimately a.k.a ( really trust , with all honestly) have 
    to  tag 11 people .

Eleven thing about me ^^
  • Nur Atiqah Bt Mohamad
  • ~love chocolate~
  • have a happy family
  • love my besfriend and my special <3
  • my favourite colour pink and purple
  • friendly,baek and sporting (perasan,HAHA)
  • doktor and teacher,,maybe
  • like berbloging,online and dengar lagu
  • like eat and sleepy,,HEHE
  • Mouth noise..
  • ~love u all~
Question by HarizatulIzzayu :    

-The most social sites do you like ?

 # of course lah the and

-Do you like my blog ? Why ?

# because ur blog is simple and beautiful like u.. :D

-What the best words you like to hear from the person you love ?

# of course lah I LOVE U..hehe

-What do you want the most in your life ?

# ieka nak happy selalu with my familly , my lovely friend and my special <3

-Have you ever hate someone ?

# of course lah pernah !..

-Who's your role model ?

# entahlah ! sister mybe..haha

Did you do your prayer enough ?

# err not..because girl have period every month..XD

-What is your favourite food ?

# Emm..i like eat all the food..especially,my mom masak ! delicious.. :p

-The best moment you never forget ?

# em,holiday with my family and hang out with my friend.. :)

-Things that will make you angry of it ?

# Sombong and tak jujur
# pinjam barang tak bagitahu..*ieka cukup benci*
# suka mengata orang macam-2 tapi diri sendiri pun sama..
# memaksa or mengongkong *tak suke,tak suke*

-Would you be my followers ?

# of course lah becouse ur blog comel..~lalala~..hehe

 okayy lah my peep..question harizatul dah dianswer...
tenqs angat-2 at harizatul coz tagg my name..<3
so ieka my chau dulu..okey bubye..
jumpa lagi nanty =)

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